Ma Bell’s COUNTRY CONDIMENTS is a small food business, operated by Meredith Bell,  on a scenic four acres overlooking Little Mush-a-mush Lake in the community of Middle New Cornwall, Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia.

Meredith shares her passion for food — from farm to table — in many ways. Ma Bell’s Country Condiments products are only one of the ways she hopes to inspire others to participate in an edible adventure.

Once you have tasted Ma Bell’s Country Condiments, there is no going back. Experience the flavour difference in fresh, seasonal ingredients from Nova Scotia.

Wheels on Meals!

If you are looking for some convenient, tasty options, Ma Bell has also created a line of single portion pre-cooked/frozen meals to go called Wheels on Meals.

Check weekly menu listings & availability under News From Ma Bell’s Kitchen.

Jars of carrot and cardamom jam

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Let your taste buds go wild.

Look for Ma Bell’s Country Condiments at the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market, and at various events throughout the area. Her popular 14th Century Lombard Mustard plus other fruity based-jams & jellies have been used at the Mateus Bistro and Rebecca’s Restaurant in Mahone Bay. Kitch’inn B&B has a small selection their host Danielle King raves about.

Special Orders Are Welcomed. Don’t be disappointed if your flavour is not available.

Ask about what is available seasonally. Flavours change. Some seasons certain ingredients are more abundant than others. Some “classic” ingredients may be available all year. During the Fall and lead-up to the Holiday Season, special orders in October and early November will help you to be sure your choices are available for December.

Contact Meredith (Ma) Bell by email at email hidden; JavaScript is required to make arrangements to purchase products directly from Ma Bell’s Kitchen.

Continue to support our local establishments such as The Nosy Crow Bites & Brews or SPRIG Apothecary & Marketplace in Mahone Bay who use various products from Ma Bell’s COUNTRY CONDIMENTS.

Gift Certificates Available for the Discerning Customer. 

These certificates can be used to purchase meals or condiments all year round. There may be some seasonal availability with some products or ingredients.