Jams, jellies & preserves are not just for toast or muffins!

  • Make a spicy cheese spread or flavourful vinaigrette by adding a sweet or savoury condiment.
  • Layer a pound cake with Blackberry Loves Raspberry Jam.
  • Top a cheesecake with Blueberry & Lime Jam or add Raspberry and Vanilla Bean to a thumbprint cookie.
  • Mix a jam with yogurt or rice pudding.
  • Add a generous helping of wine-infused jelly or spicy jam to goat cheese or melted brie.
  • Add a sweet and savoury finishing glaze to meat or poultry.
  • Mix a chutney with butter to top grilled meats or fish.

Use your imagination and let your taste buds go wild!


Here are some Tasty Tips for Seasonal Flavours

Even though our Christmas events are cancelled, these tips will help you spice up your stay-at-home brunches, lunches and meals. A dollop of this and that can make a simply delicious addition.



Granola Parfaits

Add a  favourite flavour to plain greek-style yogurt – alternating layers of granola and dollop of jam or jelly. Suggested Flavours: Strawberry, Rhubarb & Vanilla Jam, Blueberry & Lime Jam, Rhubarb Loves Ginger Jam, Black Currant & Rhubarb Jam.

Sweeten Grapefruit Halves

Warm some Red Currant & Raspberry Jelly. Drizzle over grapefruit half or peel & section and place a dollop of jelly over these pieces. Warm in microwave.

Make Breakfast or Brunch Spread

Add one of Ma Bell’s Peppery Jams or Jellies to spreadable cream cheese. Spread on toast or bagels. Top with thinly sliced apples or pears. Suggested Flavours: Raspberry Jalapeno Jam, Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly, Spiced Cranberry Jelly.

Stuffed French Toast

Use thick slices of French Bread. Cut a slit into each slice (not all the way through). Into this “pocket” spread your cheese/jam mixture. Close. Whisk eggs, milk and vanilla together. Dip each slice, coating both sides. Cook in a buttery skillet till golden. Serve with local syrup or sprinkle with icing sugar. Suggested Flavour: Raspberry Vanilla Jam.

Pancake or Waffle Topped with Marmalade Rum Sauce

The Sauce: 3 cups orange juice • 2/3 cup Carrot & Cardamom Jam • 2 TBSP light brown sugar • 1 TBSP each cornstarch & water • 1 tsp butter • 1 tsp Rum Extract. 

Method: Bring juice to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes till juice reduced by half. Whisk in Carrot & Cardamom Jam and brown sugar till smooth. Mix cornstarch with water and stir into juice mixture. Cook till smooth and thickened. Stir in butter and rum extract.

Layered Crepes

Layer crepes alternatively with spreadable cream or goat cheese and jam; stack and cut into wedges. Serve with fresh fruit. Suggested Flavour: Verry Berry Jam or Drunken Strawberry Jam.

     (photo credit: Peter Hardy)

Cheese and Fruit Platter

Just add crackers or toast fingers. Suggested Flavours: Savoury Red Onion & Curry Jelly, Hot Apricot Pepper Jelly, Cranberry & Jalapeno Jelly, Red Currant & Raspberry Jelly, Dandelion Jelly, Pomegranate & Shiraz Jelly.

Pork, Lamb & Chicken

Pick a flavourful condiment as a glaze during the last minutes of cooking or side garnish. Suggested Flavours: Savoury Pear & Cranberry Relish, Cranberry, Apple & Pear Relish, Crabapple Jelly, Rosemary & Cracked Peppercorns, Spiced Cranberry Jelly, Mint Jelly.

Venison, Duck or Goose

Pick a flavourful condiment as a glaze during the last minutes of cooking or side garnish. Suggested Flavours: Black Currant & Rhubarb Jam, Red Currant & Raspberry Jelly, Carrot & Cardamom Jam (especially for duck or goose), Cranberry & Port Jelly, Pomegranate & Shiraz Jelly.

Topping on Ready-made Cheesecake

Pick a delicious Berry Flavour!