Black Currant
Black Currant & Rhubarb
Blueberry & Lime
Carrot & Cardamom
Damson (limited supply in season)
Plum Raspberry
Raspberry Chocolate (fall & winter by special order)
Raspberry & Vanilla Bean
Rhubarb Loves Ginger
Rhubarb & Rose Petals (in summer only)
Sour Cherry & Raspberry Jam (exclusive flavour for Famous Town Pie Shop)
Spiced Cranberry Jam
Strawberry & Lavender (in summer only)
Strawberry, Peach & Grand Marnier
Strawberry, Rhubarb & Vanilla Bean
Very Berry Jam


Apricot & Pepper Jelly
Blackberry Jelly
Crabapple Jelly (in season)
Cranberry & Jalapeno Jelly
Cranberry & Port Jelly
Dandelion Jelly (early spring only)
Garlicky Pepper Jelly
Fresh Mint Jelly
Lavender Apple Jelly (in season only/early summer)
Old-fashioned Apple Jelly
Old-fashioned Quince Jelly
Raspberry & Jalapeno Jelly
Red Currant & Raspberry Jelly
Red Pepper Jelly
Rosehip & Apple Jelly (N/A)
Rosemary, Wine & Peppercorns
Rugosa Rosa Jelly (early summer only)
Savoury Basil & Pepper Jelly (in summer only)
Savoury Curry & Onion Jelly


Apple (Windfall) Chutney (available in season)
Cranberry, Pear & Apple Preserve (available in Fall)
Cranberry, Pear & Thyme Chutney (available in Fall)
Onion Conserve
Red Chilli Jam (ideal for seafood, cheese or grilled meats & fish) currently sold out
Rhubarb, Date & Apricot Chutney
Rhubarb Relish (for fishcakes)
Strawberry, Balsamic & Peppercorns

Grainy German-style 14th century Lombard Mustard (212 and 500 ml sizes)
Roasted Hazelnut Spread with Maplewood Farm Maple Syrup (Fall & Winter by special order)

Lemon Curd & Cranberry Curd (by special order)

Inquire about availability. Some ingredients
are only available in season.

Some jams and jellies will be available in 100 ml size at the Famous Town Pie Shop
16 Orchard Street, Mahone Bay.
These make great hostess gifts or stocking stuffers.